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HereAfter is not just about preserving your own legacy; it’s a unique platform for exploration and connection. We invite you to discover the stories and messages of others while sharing your own. From heartwarming anecdotes to insightful reflections, lessons learned, and moments that resonate, each story contributes to the richness of the human experience.
Your voice matters and is capable of inspiring, comforting, and leaving a lasting impact on those who encounter it. Join our community of storytellers who understand the power of storytelling and the profound impact it can have on our lives. Submit your story now and become a part of our journey.

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A Gift Beyond Words


As a probate attorney, I've spent years guiding families through the maze of wills and estate planning. Every day, I watch people sort out who gets the tangible assets—houses, cars, family heirlooms. Yet, often overlooked is the chance to leave something deeply personal and [...]

Why I Got a HereAfter Vault


You know how people say, 'Tomorrow isn't promised'? Well, it's really true. Just today, I ended a call with my daughter with a quick 'Love you'. It got me thinking, what if those were my last words to her? So, I did something big. I [...]

I Knew I Had More To Say….


When I was 18 years old, I had to be revived. My heart just stopped working. There was no reason or diagnosis for my heart-stopping. No drug use, no previous heart condition. I just literally dropped dead in front of my parents. Everything happened fast, [...]

Our Last Conversation


The last thing my brother Colton and I ever talked about was a bucket of KFC chicken. It sounds so mundane, but that ordinary conversation has become a permanent memory. "Dude, you wouldn't believe how much chicken I just downed," he said. "I could feed [...]

A Smile That Lasts Forever


When my Aunt Tracy was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer, the news was unexpected, and her passing came quickly. In a few short months, one of my favorite people in the entire world was gone. Nothing can prepare you for that kind of sudden [...]

The Ultimate Playlist


Growing up, our home was filled with music. We were a family of musicians, with each of the five siblings playing a different instrument from as early as I can remember. Violins, flutes, drums, cellos – you name it, we played it. It felt natural, [...]


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