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4 Easy Steps To Create Your Hereafter Vault

How It

Leave a lasting gift and preserve your legacy in just four easy steps. Create your account to access a secure digital vault. In this vault, you can store a heartfelt message that will only be accessible to your chosen recipients after you’ve passed away. This method offers a deeply personal and customizable experience, ensuring that your final message is delivered exactly as you intended.

Create Your

Get started by adding your HereAfter Vault to your cart. Once you start the checkout process, you’ll fill out your personal information and create a password. Your account data is stored safely on our website and is only accessible to you and your designated recipients.

Quick, easy, private account setup
Pay Online 

The HereAfter payment process is easy and secure.  With a one-time payment of just $19.99 and no hidden fees, our digital vault is a simple, affordable way to secure your legacy.

We accept all major credit cards & PayPal
Choose Your Recipients

Assign up to five different individuals or groups to receive your digital legacy. Choose trusted friends, family, and organizations that matter most to you. All it takes is a name and an email to designate your digital vault content recipient. We take care of the delivery so you can concentrate  on the message.

Schedule & delivery for
up to 5 persons
Upload Your

Videos, photos, audio files, heartfelt notes, etc… Any puzzle piece of your legacy can be securely uploaded to your vault. HereAfter employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to protect your personal data, so you can rest assured knowing all uploads will be kept confidential.

Send personal messages in several available formats

Create Your Vault

Your words,
your way,

When the time comes, your digital vault will be shared with your loved ones. Your message is sent to your designated recipients, allowing them to access your heartfelt words and cherished memories.

One Time Charge

No Monthly Fees

At HereAfter, our pricing is simple. Our digital messaging service has a one time charge with no hidden setup fees and no monthly charges. With several digital message formats to choose from, our service is versatile as well as dependable. Want to leave a message? We provide a secure portal for uploads of your messages.

Each digital vault message includes:

One File Upload

You choose the format that fits your needs and we’ll securely store & deliver it. Our vault storage supports .jpeg, .mp4, .pdf, .zip and more.

Up to 5 Recipients

Whether  friends, family, caretaker or hobby group, just supply their name and email and we’ll make sure your message is waiting for them.

Want to leave a message but don’t have your own document?
HereAfter provides a secure portal for uploads of your messages directly into your vault.

Security Guarantee

Secure Your Legacy: HereAfter employs state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to protect your personal data and ensure its safe delivery. All uploaded media and messages will remain secure and confidential.

the most lasting gift is a

Discover the perfect gift to celebrate life with HereAfter’s gift certificates. Surprise your loved ones with their very own HereAfter digital vault, where they can store cherished memories and messages to be delivered in the future. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion, a HereAfter gift certificate is a unique and meaningful way to show your care and thoughtfulness. Give the gift of everlasting memories and touch their hearts in a profound way.