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Support for the Here and Now

At HereAfter, we know death, loss, and grief are tough topics to discuss. The unfortunate reality is these topics are inevitable parts of life. We all will experience loss. We all will grieve a loved one’s passing. The crucial part is how we process our loss, understand our struggles, and find healthy ways to heal and move forward. If you’re caught in a difficult time, the articles below can provide helpful information.

The Healing Power of Messages After Loss

Losing someone we love is incredibly hard. At HereAfter, we recognize the pain of grief and the importance of preserving memories. That’s why we created the HereAfter Vault: a unique way to leave messages for your loved ones. These messages are like gifts from the heart, meant to bring comfort and healing during times of sorrow.

The Impact of a Message on Grieving

Grieving is a complex journey, and it’s different for everyone. The process can feel overwhelming, lonely, and sometimes even impossible. But amidst the pain, there are moments of solace. Imagine finding a letter from your loved one, a favorite memory captured in their own words. It’s like a warm hug from the […]

How to Talk About HereAfter Vault with Your Family

Let's face it, discussing what happens after we're gone isn't anyone's idea of light conversation, but HereAfter Vault aims to make it easier. It’s a way to share love and preserve memories that matter. When you set up your HereAfter Vault account, you can select [...]

What is Afterlife Messaging?

In an era where technology intersects with our deepest human experiences, a new concept has emerged – afterlife messaging. This innovative idea is transforming how we think about legacy and communication beyond our physical existence. But what exactly is afterlife messaging, and how is it [...]

Managing Grief This Holiday Season

  Picture a cozy room lit by the soft glow of holiday lights, a stark contrast to the feeling of emptiness where a beloved voice once filled the air. The holidays often magnify the absence of a loved one, turning festive moments into bittersweet memories. [...]

Support Resources

  If you recently lost a loved one or are facing another form of grief and adversity, please remember you’re not alone. The unfortunate reality is everyone will experience periods of struggle and tribulation at one point or another throughout their lives. Having the proper [...]

How to Write a Will

  If it’s your first time writing a will, you may be wondering where to begin: What information do you include? Do you need a lawyer? Is there any specific wording you have to use? Before we dive in, let’s first discuss the purpose of [...]

Coping with Grief and Loss

Death and loss are unavoidable trials of the human journey, and grief is a shared and universal experience. Regardless of age, you are bound to encounter bereavement at some stage in life. The question is not whether we will experience grief but rather how [...]


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