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How to Talk About HereAfter Vault with Your Family

Let’s face it, discussing what happens after we’re gone isn’t anyone’s idea of light conversation, but HereAfter Vault aims to make it easier. It’s a way to share love and preserve memories that matter. When you set up your HereAfter Vault account, you can select up to five recipients—friends, family, or trusted individuals—who will access your vault when they’re ready.

These recipients will get an email introducing them to HereAfter, informing them of their special selection. However, having a personal chat about your choice beforehand can provide much-needed context and comfort. This guide will help you navigate the conversation about your HereAfter Vault and its significance.

Choose the Right Moment

Look for a quiet time to talk with your family, free from distractions. A post-dinner conversation in a relaxed atmosphere can set the right tone for a heart-to-heart discussion.

Start with the ‘Why’

Share your motivation for starting a HereAfter Vault. It might be to pass on words of love and guidance or to preserve life’s joyful moments. Whatever your reason, it will be meaningful because it’s coming from you.

Explain What HereAfter Vault Is

Present HereAfter Vault as a digital safety deposit box for your most cherished memories and messages. It’s easy to use and keeps your legacy vibrant. It’s not just for after you’re gone—it’s a living space to capture the present joy as well as safeguard the past.

Reassure Them

Stress that this step is not about expecting tragedy but about being prepared. HereAfter Vault is a proactive way to make sure you get to say everything you want to say. It’s also a unique and secure way to preserve the moments and memories that you hold dear.

Focus on the Benefits

Emphasize the peace of mind that comes with using HereAfter Vault. It’s more than storage; it’s a way to make sure your stories and love are safely kept. While you’re alive, it comforts you knowing your memories are secure. After you’re gone, it helps your loved ones feel connected to you. It’s easy to use and truly valuable for everyone involved.

Encourage Questions

Allow your family to ask questions. Their inquiries can lead to a deeper understanding and acceptance of HereAfter Vault.

Discuss the Role of a Sole Beneficiary

If you prefer, you can select just one recipient as a sole beneficiary. This person will be responsible for sharing your memories. If you choose this option, ensure they’re aware of the responsibility and honor it entails.

Close with the Value of Preparation

Conclude by reinforcing the idea that while we all hope for long, fulfilling lives, being prepared is a responsible and loving act. With HereAfter Vault, you’re not just leaving messages; you’re leaving a part of yourself that can be cherished for generations.

HereAfter Vault isn’t about the end of life—it’s about ensuring your story, love, and legacy endure. Remind your family and recipients that preserving your life’s experiences is a comfort, a legacy, and ultimately, a final act of love that echoes through time. Ready to start your HereAfter journey? Visit us at and take the first step in securing your story for generations. Because when words last, do does love.

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