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A Gift Beyond Words

As a probate attorney, I’ve spent years guiding families through the maze of wills and estate planning. Every day, I watch people sort out who gets the tangible assets—houses, cars, family heirlooms. Yet, often overlooked is the chance to leave something deeply personal and emotionally valuable.

That’s what led me to HereAfter Vault.

I’ve come to understand that our emotional legacy is just as important as our material wealth. The messages and personal stories I’ve saved in my HereAfter Vault are what will really comfort my loved ones after I’m gone. Setting it up was very simple. I’ve stored messages reflecting on life lessons, recounted stories from my childhood, joys, and challenges, and even threw in some favorite jokes to lighten their spirits in my absence.

What makes HereAfter Vault a brilliant idea, in my professional and personal opinion, is its focus on the emotional well-being of those we leave behind. Yes, my professional life is about assets and legalities, but my HereAfter Vault is about heart and soul. I think of this as my authentic legacy that will one day bring comfort to my family.

Every now and then, I update my vault with a new message. It’s become a reflective practice for me, almost therapeutic, knowing that this updated message is the legacy of love and wisdom I want to leave for my family.

If you’re thinking about what legacy means to you, consider going beyond the tangible. With HereAfter Vault, it’s not just about leaving something behind; it’s about leaving a part of yourself that speaks directly to the hearts of those you care most about. That, to me, is a truly invaluable gift.
By Michael Thompson, Esq.

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