A Gift Beyond Words

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As a probate attorney, I've spent years guiding families through the maze of wills and estate planning. Every day, I watch people sort out who gets the tangible assets—houses, cars, family heirlooms. Yet, often overlooked is the chance to leave something deeply personal and [...]

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Why I Got a HereAfter Vault

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You know how people say, 'Tomorrow isn't promised'? Well, it's really true. Just today, I ended a call with my daughter with a quick 'Love you'. It got me thinking, what if those were my last words to her? So, I did something big. I [...]

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I Knew I Had More To Say….

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When I was 18 years old, I had to be revived. My heart just stopped working. There was no reason or diagnosis for my heart-stopping. No drug use, no previous heart condition. I just literally dropped dead in front of my parents. Everything happened fast, [...]

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Our Last Conversation

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The last thing my brother Colton and I ever talked about was a bucket of KFC chicken. It sounds so mundane, but that ordinary conversation has become a permanent memory. "Dude, you wouldn't believe how much chicken I just downed," he said. "I could feed [...]

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A Smile That Lasts Forever

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When my Aunt Tracy was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer, the news was unexpected, and her passing came quickly. In a few short months, one of my favorite people in the entire world was gone. Nothing can prepare you for that kind of sudden [...]

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The Ultimate Playlist

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Growing up, our home was filled with music. We were a family of musicians, with each of the five siblings playing a different instrument from as early as I can remember. Violins, flutes, drums, cellos – you name it, we played it. It felt natural, [...]

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